Original JAMB Syllabus and Hot Topics for all Subjects 2020/2021 Free PDF Download

Many questions have been coming in with regards to the 2020/2021 Jamb Syllabus for all Subjects. This is very normal in this season when the Jamb Examinations are approaching. If you are looking for answers to questions like;

  • What is Jamb Syllabus?
  • Where can I get the updated Jamb Syllabus?
  • What are Jamb Hot topics?
  • How do I pass Jamb with high scores?
  • What topics do I read to pass Jamb?
  • How do I go about preparing for my Jamb 2020?

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Jamb syllabus is a  document that contains all the topics Jamb officials can set questions from and all topics Jamb wants you to study for the upcoming exam.


Preparing for Jamb can be hectic at times, due to the numerous topics one has to read. Jamb Syllabus helps direct your reading to the particular area where Jamb questions will likely come out from, rather than you just beating around the bush.

For this reason, every JAMBITE is expected to have the Jamb syllabus and hot topics for all subjects you will be taking, to help aid your study. Be rest assured that I will provide you with the Jamb Syllabus for all subjects you will be offering.

List of Jamb Syllabus and Hot Topics for all Subjects 2020/2021

1. JAMB Syllabus for Agricultural Science 2020

2. JAMB Syllabus for Arabic

3. JAMB Syllabus for Principle of Accounts

4. JAMB Syllabus For Biology

5. JAMB Syllabus for Chemistry

6. Jamb Syllabus Christian Religious Knowledge

7. JAMB Syllabus For Commerce

8. JAMB Syllabus for Geography

9. Jamb Syllabus for Government 

10. JAMB Syllabus For Literature

11. Jamb Syllabus for Mathematics

12. JAMB Syllabus for Economics

13. Jamb Syllabus for Use of English

14. JAMB Syllabus for History

15. JAMB Syllabus for Physics

RECOMMENDED:  JAMB Recommended Books for All Subjects

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  1. Jamb English Repeated Questions | Jamb English Past Questions and Answers
  2. JAMB Recent Repeated Past Questions and Answers in Mathematics
  3. JAMB Most Repeated Economics Past Questions and Answers
  4. Jamb Chemistry Repeated Questions | Jamb Chemistry Past Questions and Answers
  5. JAMB Recent Repeated Questions | Jamb Biology Past Questions and Answers
  6. Jamb Recent Repeated Questions in Government | Likely Jamb Questions and Answers
  7. JAMB Recent Repeated Questions in Literature|Likely Jamb Questions and Answers


  JAMB Recommended Books for All Subjects


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