Taiwan ICDF Higher Education Scholarship for International Students 2023/2024

Taiwan ICDF Higher Education Scholarship for International Students 2023/2024

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Taiwan ICDF Higher Education Scholarship for International Students

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Taiwan ICDF Higher Education Scholarship for International Students,

If you are an International student seeking opportunities to study in Taiwan then you’ll be pleased to know that the International Higher Education Scholarship Program is now open

The TaiwanICDF provides scholarships for higher education and has developed undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs in cooperation with renowned partner universities in Taiwan.

Founded in 1996, The International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF) offers a range of assistance that centers on four core operations: lending and investment, technical cooperation, humanitarian assistance, and international education and training.

TaiwanICDF is dedicated to promoting socio-economic development, enhancing human resources and promoting economic relations in a range of developing partner countries. It also provides humanitarian aid and assistance in the event of a natural disaster or international refugee crisis.

Scholarship Description

  • Application Deadline: March
  • Course Level: The scholarship is open for the undergraduate, graduate, PhD program
  • Scholarship Award: Undergraduate program – NT$12,000, Master’s program- NT$15000, PhD program- NT$17000 per month to each student
  • Numbers of Award: Not given
  • Nationality: Asia Pacific, West Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Europe
  • Scholarship can be taken in: Taiwan

Eligibility for the Scholarship

  • Eligible Countries: Asia Pacific: Fiji, India, Indonesia, Kiribati, Laos, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Myanmar, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tuvalu, Vietnam. West Asia: Jordan, Mongolia, Russia, and Turkey. Africa: Eswatini, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa. Caribbean: Haiti, Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua. South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay. Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Kosovo, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania.
  • Eligible Course or Subjects: The scholarship will be awarded in any subject offered by the university
  • Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following criteria:

Applicants applying for a TaiwanICDF scholarship must meet both the general eligibility criteria and be a national of a country on the List of Countries Eligible. Applicants must also meet the Regulations Governing Visiting, Resident, and Permanent Residency of Aliens set by ROC (Taiwan) National Immigration Agency.

Note: All Undergraduate Programs only accept applications submitted by citizens of allied countries of ROC (Taiwan).

Career Path

When it comes to choosing the career paths, you should have at least one a degree in your discipline or subject area, you want to works in. You can earn one of the best careers, depending on the level of the degree and field of study. With an undergraduate/graduate or PhD degree, you have multiple career option to build your career bright.

Application Procedure

The mode of application is online.

How to Apply:

  • The students must complete an online application and then submit a signed, printed copy with all other application documents.
  • The applicant also needs to submit a separate program application to his/her chosen universities.

Supporting Documents:

The applicants should submit the application and documents listed under ROC (Taiwan) Embassy / Consulate / Representative Office in their home country.

Two letters of reference and a photocopy of applicant’s –

  • Passport or other document showing proof of nationality.
  • Highest-level diploma and academic transcripts.
  • English proficiency certificate.
    Note: This means a TOEFL test score or that of another recognized English proficiency exam, or documents certifying that the applicant has graduated from a program where all courses were taught in English. Applicants who are unable to provide such proof of English proficiency due to special circumstances may be assessed for English proficiency by a ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate General/ Representative Office via interview or other forms of testing. Applicants whose official national language is English are exempt from needing to supply these documents.
  • Any other documents specifically requested by a ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate General/ Representative Office.

Admission Requirements:

  • This scholarship is for those students who will take admission in this university.
  • Complete the entry requirements of the partner university, in which he has applied to study under Taiwan ICDF scholarship.

Program Benefits

  • Each undergraduate student receives NT$12,000/month, Master’s student receives NT $15,000/month, and PhD students receive NT$17,000 per month as an allowance for food and miscellaneous living expenses.
  • This is deposited into a student’s local bank account on a monthly basis.
  • Successful applicants will receive an acceptance letter through the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate General/ Representative Office to whom they originally applied.
  • How it Works: This scholarship will support you in financial problems and will improve your chances. Taiwan provides each scholarship recipient with a full scholarship, including return airfare, housing, tuition and credit fees, insurance, textbook costs, and a monthly allowance.

Dates and Deadlines

  • The annual application period runs, in principle, from January 1 to March 15.
  • For 2020 Scholarship program, the application period runs from January 1 to March 15, 2019.
  • The TaiwanICDF will announce its list of scholarship recipients, in principle, no later than June 30 each year.

Scholarship Application Link.

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