Edo Deputy Governor, Shaibu Impeached in a Vote

In a swift and dramatic move, the Edo State House of Assembly has ousted Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu. The impeachment follows a whirlwind investigation into allegations of misconduct, culminating in a decisive vote today. The Impeachment Process: Proceedings against Shaibu were initiated just this week, moving with unprecedented speed. A seven-man panel was established to … Read more

Top 5 Best Government Secondary Schools in Benin City 2024

When it comes to providing a solid educational foundation for the youth, Benin City stands tall with a plethora of exceptional government-owned secondary schools. In this article, we’re about to unveil the cream of the crop – the Top 5 Best Government Secondary Schools in Benin City. These institutions are not just academic powerhouses; they … Read more

Promoting Edo Culture With Folktales 2024

Folktales have long been an integral part of  cultural heritage, passing traditions and values from one generation to another. The Edo culture, rich in history and traditions, is no exception to this phenomenon.   The use of folktales as a tool to promote Edo culture not only preserves its essence but also fosters a sense … Read more

The 18 Local Governments in Edo State

The Local Governments in Edo State/ breakdown of the Edo local government areas and Headquarters. Edo State is the heart beat of Nigeria (Slogan). There are Eighteen (18) Local Government Areas (LGA) and 193 Wards in Edo State. The 18 Local Government areas share 4 ethnic groups. The four ethnic groups in Edo Statee are … Read more

Benin Art – History And Origin of Benin Art (Updated)

The Benin Art is our topic for today and Our team is sure you will find it interesting. According to history, Benin Art originated from the powerful ancient Benin kingdom, located in the south-south region of Nigeria. Benin Art is also known as Court Art because it was discovered at the king’s palace and majorly … Read more