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Launched in 2017, EdoAffairs.com is an independent news medium which has grown to become the most reputable blog for Edo related news since our operations started fully in late 2018.

Edo Affairs is currently the most resourceful blog that speaks on issues related to Edo state.

We publish latest information on Edo related issues daily and we try as much as possible to vet our contents before publishing for audience. With Edoaffairs, be sure to know what is happening politically, culturally, educationally etc in Edo State.

Since Edo Affairs is the No1 online source for Edo latest news, it has often been regarded as a watch dog for other websites/blogs and individuals outside Edo State.

We are currently working to have reporters in the 18 local government of the state in order to get first hand information at a glance.

P.S: We accept views on current political, social, cultural and economic issues in Edo State and Nigeria at large.

kindly send your views or comments to our email for publication at [email protected]


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