Igue Festival Edo State – Stories To Know In 2024

Are you fascinated by rich cultural traditions and vibrant festivals? Then you must learn about the Igue Festival, a cornerstone of Edo State’s heritage held in the ancient city of Benin. This captivating celebration offers a glimpse into the history, customs, and spirit of the Edo people. What is the Igue Festival? The Igue Festival … Read more

Benin Names And Their Meaning (2024 Updated)

Benin names and meaning:¬†When it comes to naming, no tribe is close to Benin. Benin names and meaning is one thing you will really admire when you come to the city of Benin. We have sweet names for Males, females and the names that can be given to either a male or a female child … Read more

1001 Sweet Hausa Names And Meaning For 2024

Hausa people live mainly in the northern part of Nigeria, and most of them are Muslims. Here, you’ll find some Hausa names and what they mean. Hausa people are the biggest group of people in Africa. The Hausa language is the second most spoken language after Arabic among Afroasiatic languages. There are Hausa-speaking people in … Read more

Traditional Wedding Planning in Edo State (2024)

Nestled in the south of Nigeria lies Edo State, a place where tradition runs deep and weddings are celebrations bursting with color and joy. If you’re dreaming of a traditional Edo wedding, get ready for an unforgettable experience! Here’s a guide to make your special day a beautiful reflection of Edo’s rich heritage: Start with … Read more