Edo Deputy Governor, Shaibu Impeached in a Vote

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In a swift and dramatic move, the Edo State House of Assembly has ousted Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu. The impeachment follows a whirlwind investigation into allegations of misconduct, culminating in a decisive vote today.

The Impeachment Process:

Proceedings against Shaibu were initiated just this week, moving with unprecedented speed.

A seven-man panel was established to probe the allegations. Their findings, submitted to the Chief Judge of the State, ultimately led to the impeachment vote.

Shaibu attempted to halt the process through an Abuja High Court case, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

  • While specific details are unclear, Shaibu faced accusations of serious “constitutional breaches.”
  • Neither Shaibu nor his legal counsel appeared before the investigative panel, leaving his defense unheard.

What’s Next?

  • Contested Legality:¬†Shaibu is likely to challenge the impeachment’s validity, setting the stage for a potential legal battle.
  • Political Fallout:¬†This event shakes up Edo State’s political landscape, with ramifications still to be revealed.

This story highlights the volatile intersection of power and accountability.

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