10 Major Thriving Businesses In Edo State

There are many businesses one can do in Edo State. But there are few thriving businesses in Edo state that really do well in the state and that is what you are about to learn here. Thriving Businesses In Edo State Doing business in Edo State could be very challenging owing to some factors. Despite … Read more

Edo People – Everything You Should Know

The Edo people, also known as the Bini people, are a group of people in Nigeria who live in the seven southern local government areas They are speakers of the Edo language and are the descendants of the founders of the Benin Kingdom. oral tradition of the Edo people The Edo culture, the original inhabitants … Read more

Too Many Bad Roads In Edo State

Edo bad road: The person in charge of media projects in Edo state, Crusoe Osagie, wants the residents to blame the Federal Government for the bad condition of federal roads in the state and the difficulties caused by the increase in fuel price due to the removal of fuel subsidy. Osagie made the disclosure when … Read more


The arts and culture of the Kingdom of Benin, situated in present-day Nigeria, are a testament to the vibrancy, complexity, and historical significance of this ancient African civilization. Benin Arts and Culture Rooted in tradition, spirituality, and artistic excellence. Artistic Diversity and Mastery: Benin’s artistic tradition is characterized by its exceptional craftsmanship and intricate detailing. … Read more

University of Benin (UNIBEN) Teaching Hospital

2University of Benin Teaching Hospital: In this post, Edoaffairs will be writing on UNIBEN teaching hospital with concentration on University of Benin Address, the different units, UNIBEN Nursing School etc. There are several teaching hospitals in Nigieria like: University College Hospital , Ibadan University of Abuja Teaching Hospital , Abuja University of Benin Teaching Hospital University … Read more