Edo People – Everything You Should Know

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The Edo people, also known as the Bini people, are a group of people in Nigeria who live in the seven southern local government areas

They are speakers of the Edo language and are the descendants of the founders of the Benin Kingdom.

oral tradition of the Edo people

The Edo culture, the original inhabitants and founders of the Benin Kingdom, were first governed by the Ogiso (Sky Kings) who referred to their land as Igodomigodo.

During his reign, Ogiso Igodo became well-known for his leadership skills and gained significant power and popularity among the people.

He died after a long reign and Ere, his eldest son took over the throne.


Around 2,000 years ago, the area of Benin had lots of  farming, but  hunting and bead making were still significant activities.

The city of Benin, formerly known as Edo, emerged around the year 1000, nestled within a forest so it can’t be easily over throne.

Below are several notable figures of the Kingdom of Benin

Queen IdiaThe Edo people

Queen Idia, the wife of Oba Ozolua, ruled during the reign of Oba Ozolua in approximately 1481 AD.

EmotanEdo people

the merchant, conducted her trade at the very spot where her statue stands today.

She was historically credited with setting up the first primary school in the kingdom.


Queen Iden,Edo people

Queen Iden, A Heroine Whose Sacrifice Shaped Benin Kingdom.

Her Majesty is A Mastermind Behind Victories of Her Son”
She is known for her strategic, mystical abilities, and vast medicinal wisdom, thus played a pivotal role in the triumphs achieved by her son, Esigie, on the battlefield.

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General AsoroEdo people

General Asoro the Warrior served as the sword bearer to King Oronramwen, also known as the Oba of Benin, in the year 1897.

He participated in the defence of Benin during the 1897 expedition, engaging the British expeditionary force sent to capture the Oba.

for Benin kingdom Is more than just a dream, is a reality.

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