Top 10 Popular Markets In Edo State 2024

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There are Popular Markets in Edo states where people can buy things they need and where farmers can sell their crops.

Edo state got some awesome markets like New Benin Market – it’s always super busy – or the old-school Oba Market. They’re the best spots to find everything you need, and farmers bring in their freshest stuff to sell.

Let us look at the most popular markets in Benin City, Edo State.

Gods Market (Ekiosa)

The market is on Sakponba road in Benin City. It stretches across second and third east circular (Murtala Muhammed Way) roads. The market’s name (Eki means market and Osa means God) reflects its origins.

Early Jehovah Witness missionaries arrived in Benin City and used a once bushy area as a venue for crusades. Local traders saw an opportunity to sell their goods to the large crowds that gathered during these religious events.

Oba Market (Ekioba)

The Oba market is in the heart of Benin City, specifically at ring road. It is one of the oldest and largest markets in the area, with business activities happening there since the 15th century and continuing to this day.

Oba market sells food items, clothes, fabrics, traditional beads, jewellery, and also has a large mobile phone shopping plaza, as well as offering computer sales and repair services.

Agbado market (Ekiagbado)

Agbado Market is in the city along Akpakpava and mission road.

New Benin Market

The New Benin market in Benin City is the busiest market in the area. People can buy a variety of items there like food, electronics, clothes, traditional beads, and even bush meat. The prices are really good too.

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Santana Market

The Santana market is on Sapele road in Benin City. People sell food, drinks, and fish there, mostly from Delta state. Shoppers cause traffic jams on Sapele road because they have to park along the road when there is no suitable car park available.

Uselu Market (Edaiken Market)

The Uselu market in Benin City is a popular market where you can buy a wide range of items such as food, clothes, vegetables, and more. It is located on the Ugbowo Lagos road in the Egor Local Government Area. People living in the Ugbowo area and students from the University of Benin often visit the market because it is nearby.

Oliha Market

Today is Thursday, September 14, 2023. Oliha market is situated in the Siluko road area of Benin City. It plays a significant role in the trading of farm produce that is grown in the nearby villages.

Oliha market is famous for selling items used in Benin traditional worship and rituals. These items include native chalk, red, white, and black fabrics, alligator pepper, tortoise, ostrich feathers, animal skulls, and bones.

Oregbeni Market (Ikpoba Hill Market)

The Oregbeni market, also called Ikpoba Hill market, is found in the Ikpoba Hill area of Edo state’s Ikpoba – Okha local government. It doesn’t open every day, but only every four days as a tradition. People come from far and

 Ugbogiobo Market

The Ugbogiobo market is in the Ovia North East local government area of Edo State. It opens every four days and is famous for selling fresh food crops, fruits, palm oil, and cassava flakes (garri) from the countryside. The people in Benin City rely on it for these products.

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Uromi Market

This is number of the biggest markets in edo state. Very busy and you can get varieties of goods.

The post will be updated regularly to reflect changes in popularity of these markets. We hope you found this helpful?

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