Ada And Eben Sceptre As Symbols of Authority in Benin

Ada and Eben usually referred to as Ada vbe Eben by the Binis are symbols of authority used in the Benin Kingdom. People mistakenly confuse Ada and Eben for swords; they are not swords. Ada and Eben were introduced to Igodomigodo during the Ogiso dynasty. Benin was formerly called Igodomigodo. According to history, it was … Read more

10 Major Thriving Businesses In Edo State

There are many businesses one can do in Edo State. But there are few thriving businesses in Edo state that really do well in the state and that is what you are about to learn here. Thriving Businesses In Edo State Doing business in Edo State could be very challenging owing to some factors. Despite … Read more

Too Many Bad Roads In Edo State

Edo bad road: The person in charge of media projects in Edo state, Crusoe Osagie, wants the residents to blame the Federal Government for the bad condition of federal roads in the state and the difficulties caused by the increase in fuel price due to the removal of fuel subsidy. Osagie made the disclosure when … Read more

Top 10 Popular Markets In Edo State 2024

There are Popular Markets in Edo states where people can buy things they need and where farmers can sell their crops. Edo state got some awesome markets like New Benin Market – it’s always super busy – or the old-school Oba Market. They’re the best spots to find everything you need, and farmers bring in … Read more


The arts and culture of the Kingdom of Benin, situated in present-day Nigeria, are a testament to the vibrancy, complexity, and historical significance of this ancient African civilization. Benin Arts and Culture Rooted in tradition, spirituality, and artistic excellence. Artistic Diversity and Mastery: Benin’s artistic tradition is characterized by its exceptional craftsmanship and intricate detailing. … Read more