Mastering Bini language In 2024

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The Bini language  is a language  spoken by the Binis  also know as Edo people. They are located in the  southern  part of Nigeria. The Edo people take pride in their language.


Everyone understands that a vital part of every culture is the language. The need for a Bini person to be able to speak the Bini language fluently cannot be over emphasized.The ability to speak one’s mother tongue is a proof of one’s cultural background.

However, children find it difficult to speak their native language. This is especially true of many children of Edo descent. What could be responsible for this?

Picture of Bini children on their native attire to showcase their culture. Why children struggle with speaking their native language

Many people wonder why their children do not speak their language as well as they should. This article will enlighten you on the  reasons why many children are losing their ability to speak their native language. Also, it  will  provide you with solutions to the problem.

If you are a Bini person and your children cannot speak the Bini language it could be because of the following reasons.

One reason is the increasing use of English as the dominant language in many countries. As English becomes more prevalent, children may have less opportunity to practice their native language. This will definitely affect children’s ability to speak the Bini language.

Additionally, children may feel pressure to speak English to fit in with their peers or to succeed in school. This is because most of our schools communicate in English.

Another problem is that many Binis do not speak the Bini language to their children. Many speak English or Pidgin english  in their homes. Also, you must understand that not speaking the language   frequently has a negative impact.

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How to help your children speak  Bini language better

Helping you children embrace their roots as Binis goes beyond giving them Edo names. It is imperative that you teach them to speak the language.

If you are concerned about your children’s inability to speak the Bini language, worry no more. There are a few things you can do to help your children learn your native language.

First, you can speak the language to them  as much as possible. This will expose them to the language as well as help them practice. Remember to encourage them to reply in the language during dialogues.

Second, you can encourage them to watch movies, listen to music, and read books in Bini language. This is  because children love to learn through these channels. Also, this is one way to arouse their interest in learning the language.

Third,  find opportunities for them to interact with native speakers of language. This can be  through language classes or  Edo online communities. Interactions with other Bini speaking people especially their age mates with help a great deal.

Fourth, creating a reward system as their language proficiency increases will motivate them. Words of encouragement and positive feedback is a sure way to ensure that they do their best. Also giving them a treat every now and then will help.

Lastly, you can create a supportive environment at home that encourages them to practice their language skills. You can achieve this by speaking the Bini language exclusively at home.

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