10 Major Thriving Businesses In Edo State

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There are many businesses one can do in Edo State. But there are few thriving businesses in Edo state that really do well in the state and that is what you are about to learn here.

Thriving Businesses In Edo State

Doing business in Edo State could be very challenging owing to some factors. Despite these challenges, there are still thriving businesses in Edo State.

However, listed below are 10 major ones that rank high in the employment of labor. No. 8 is what you must read.

1. Hotel Businesses In Edo State:

The hotel business is a major striving business in Edo State. Within every 5 streets in Benin City which is the Capital City, you will find at least a Hotel Business or a guest house. This is why the city is Tag the Flexing City. Hotel thriving businesses in Edo are


2. School Businesses In Edo State:

This is another major business in Edo state that is doing well. In both Government and Private Schools, Edo State always ranks high in WACE, NECO, Jamb, and other examination performance. The major leading thriving businesses in Edo state are 

  • Edo College Benin City
  • Edokpolor Secondary School Benin City
  • Word of Faith Group of Schools
  • Lumen Christi International School, Uromi
  • Deeper Life High School, Benin City.
  • Nosakhare Model Education Centre, Benin City
  • Divine Wisdom International School 
  • Itoha Girls Grammer School
  • Idia College Benin City
  • Greater Tomorrow Secondary School
  • Igbinedion Education Centre, Benin City
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  • University Preparatory Secondary School
  • St Mary Dedication British International School
  • ICC Benin City Among others

Edo School Story

3. Filling Stations Businesses In Edo State:

Filling Station is another business that is doing well in Edo State. In every major road within Edo State, you can easily count between 10 to 20 or more Filling stations. Some of the major Filling stations thriving businesses in Edo are

  •  NNPC Mega Station
  •  Sazy Petroleum
  • TotalEnergies
  • Mobil Filling Station
  •  Conoil Filling Station
  •  Total Fuel Station
  •  A.A Rano Nig. Ltd
  • Hi Fly Filling Station
  •  Bovel Filling Station
  •  DVD Filing Station

4. Supper Markets Businesses In Edo State:

There are so many supper markets within Edo State as a major business. These business outlets are a source of major employment for the citizens of Edo State. The supper markets thriving businesses in Edo state are

  •  Philhall Mark Benin City
  • Market Square Benin City
  •  Zoro Supermarket Benin City
  •  Joefel Supreme Plaza
  • JARA Ugbowo
  • G.O.A Supermarket
  • Mama Faith Supermarket
  • Choi Supermart ix. Nix Supermarket
  • Nuelmart

5. Hospital Businesses In Edo State:

Hospital Business is a major leading business within Edo State. Everyone needs to see a Doctor or go to the hospital for one health challenge to another. This business helps in solving so many job challenges in the state and is doing very well. Some of the major hospitals thriving businesses in Edo are


One of the Hospital thriving businesses in Edo

  • Irowa Medical Centre
  •  Celtek Healthcare Medical Center Lutron Medical Centre Benin Medical Care/ Centre
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6. Hair Stylist/Barbering Salon Businesses in Edo State:

This business is a major source of income mostly for the youth of Edo state. This is a personal skill that one learns to provide the needed services to the general public. There are so many such outlets today for Hair stylists and barbering salons which keep so many youths in business in helping to solve the unemployment rate in Edo State.

7. Furniture/Carpentry:

This business ranks high in the creation of jobs within the State for both you and elderly people who are involved in the business of making and marketing such products within the state.

  • Great Austin Furniture
  • Evidence Furniture Company Limited
  • SAM Standard Furniture
  • AY Furniture Works
  • Z Furniture And Interior Decorations
  • Gold Furnishers Ltd
  • Rapha Interior Works
  • Skibanj in God Hands Furniture
  • Sweet Home Furniture and Interiors

8. Pharmacy/Patient Chemist Businesses In Edo State:

This is one business today that you can easily find in almost every street in Benin City. It’s a major source of employment in the state. Some of the major Pharmacy/Patient Chemist thriving businesses in Edo state are

  • Coka Pharmacy
  • Airel Pharmacy
  • St. Peters Pharmacy
  •  Top Rank Pharmacy and Stores
  • Mankind Pharmacy
  •  I.K pharmacy and Stores
  • Darocha Pharmacy and Stores Med-vocal International PANTA PHARMACY AND STORES Mondilo Pharmacy

9. Estate Agents Businesses In Edo State:

Estate agent is another major business in Edo State that is doing well. So many people always need properties either land or house properties for one reason to another. This business is growing rapidly by the day in Edo State. The Popular Estate thriving businesses in Edo state

  • Dan Odiete & Company
  • Zumera Property L & B Associates
  •  Prucriz Property and Investment Ltd
  •  Chidi Property (Property Pro) ss
  • ANIEO Properties
  •  J&D King Properties
  • Mandels Properties and Luxury Homes
  • O. S Boroni Associates Property Connect Nigeria
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10. Driving Business:

Driving Today is a business that helps in solving the unemployment challenge in the state. So many people drive for Bolt, Umber, and self-driving to earn daily. It also helps in creating jobs for the citizens of the state.



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