Too Many Bad Roads In Edo State

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Edo bad road: The person in charge of media projects in Edo state, Crusoe Osagie, wants the residents to blame the Federal Government for the bad condition of federal roads in the state and the difficulties caused by the increase in fuel price due to the removal of fuel subsidy.

Edo bad road

Osagie made the disclosure when a group of protesters in Benin City, made up of civil society organisations and activists, were at the Government House to lament the high cost of petroleum products, which has affected the cost of living, inflicting hardship and suffering on the people.

the governor expressed his frustration with the federal government, holding them responsible for purposefully neglecting the road.

According to the governor, the FG has shown a lack of willingness to collaborate on a solution. He also talked about the difficult times that people who use the Benin-Auchi road have. He said trucks carrying food, animals, and other vehicles were on that road for almost two weeks.

Edo bad road

The governor said  that Edo State Edo State government cannot take its money to fix federal roads.

we have state roads that need fixing  such as the Ekehuan Road, among others.

Governor Obaseki has been calling on the Federal Government to help fix the federal roads in the state, including Benin-Abraka Road and the Benin Auchi Road, where our lawmaker almost died, as well as the Benin-Sapele Road and the Benin-Lagos Road at the Ovia River bridge but the calls fell on deaf ears as the Federal Government has not listened and there is no guarantee that they will act.”

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Osagie said the governor cannot change the fuel price alone as demanded by the protesters. However, the governor will assist in sending their complaints to the appropriate authorities for action.


God blessing we reign on Nigeria.


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