The 18 Local Governments in Edo State

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The Local Governments in Edo State/ breakdown of the Edo local government areas and Headquarters.

Edo State is the heart beat of Nigeria (Slogan). There are Eighteen (18) Local Government Areas (LGA) and 193 Wards in Edo State. The 18 Local Government areas share 4 ethnic groups. The four ethnic groups in Edo Statee are Bini, Esan, Owan and Etsako.

The  Capital of Edo State is Benin City (fondly called the ancient City of Benin). Benin City is the capital of Edo state. It was also the capital and  seat of government of imperial ancient Benin kingdom which spread from Benin City to Lagos and to the present Republic of Benin.

The Bini and Esan naming system is similar. If you understand Bini very well, then Esan/Ishan will be easy for you. We have compiled beautiful Bini names and Meaning. You may also want to check out the sweetest Ishan names here.

Edo State Local Government Areas

The 18 Local Government areas in Edo State arranged in alphabetical order are:

  1. Akoko-Edo
  2. Egor
  3. Esan Central
  4. Esan North-East
  5. Esan South-East
  6. Esan West
  7. Etsako Central
  8. Etsako East
  9. Etsako West
  10. Igueben
  11. Ikpoba-Okha
  12. Oredo
  13. Orhionmwon
  14. Ovia North-East
  15. Ovia South-West
  16. Owan East
  17. Owan West
  18. Uhunmwonde

Now that you have gone through the list of local government areas in Edo State, it is important that you know one or more things about them. Continue reading for more about the 18 local Government areas in Edo State and their respective headquaters.

1. Akoko-Edo:

  • This is the first/oldest local government area in Edo State.
  • The headquarters of Akoko-Edo local government is located in the town of lgarra.
  • Akoko-Edo consists of Central Akoko/North, Igarra/East Akoko, Ikpeshi-Egbegbere/Atje, Kakumo-Anyanran, North Akoko etc.

2. Edo State Local Government: Egor:

  • Egor is another very popular local Government in Edo State
  • Egor Local Government Area is located in Uselu town
  • Uselu is the official residence of Edaiken who is the eldest son of the reigning Oba and the heir apparent to the throne of Benin kingdom.
  • University of Benin is located there.
  • The people are of the Benins Clan
  • Egor Consists of towns and villages of Agidigbi, Egor, Environ Camps, Evbougide, Iguediayi, Iguikpe, Oghedaivbiobaa, Oghokhugbo, Oviasuyi Camp and Ugbighoko.
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3. Esan Central

  • As the name implies, this local government is dominated by the Ishans (A tribe in Edo State)
  • Esan Central Local Government Area and councils headquarter is in lrrua town,
  • Esan Central comprises towns and villages such as Irrua, Ewu, Opoji, Ugbegun, Igueben, Ebelle and Ewossa.

4. Esan North-East

  • This is another ishan Local government
  • Esan North- East LGA is one of the existing eighteen local government councils in the state
  • It is sited in the town of Uromi
  • Consisting the districts of Edo
  • Esan north-east comprises of Uromi and Uzea making up the local government areas.

5. Edo State Local Government: Esan South-East

  • Comprises Ishan speaking people
  • The local government area comprises mostly of villages
  • Esan South East LGA is one of the existing eighteen LG councils
  • located in the town of Ubiaja. Ubiaja is Esan South East LGA Headquater
  • It is 114 kilometres from Benin City.
  • The people are of Esan/Ishan Clan.
  • Farming is the predominant occupation in Esan South East.
  • Consists of the district of Edo Esan south-east
  • Esan South East Local Government area comprises of Ubiaja, Emu, Equare-Ewatto, Ewohimi, Ilushi, Inyenlen, Ohordua, Okhu-Essan, Onog-Holo, Oria…

6. Esan West

  • Esan West LGA is located in the town of Ekpoma
  • Ekpoma is the headquarters of Esan West Local  Government Area,
  • It is about 45 minutes drive from Benin City .
  • The people  are of Esan/Ishan Clan .
  • The Ambrose Alli University is located in the town.
  • Rice cultivation is a major occupation of the people.
  • Made up of the district of Eghoro, Ekpoma, Idoa, Naoka, Ogwa, Ujiogba, Ukhun and Urohi.

7. Etsako Central

  • Etsako Central Local Government Area headquarter is at Fugar,
  • Consists of Ekperi, Fugar-Avianwu, Okpekpe and Okpella.
  • The people are of  Afemais Clan also known as Ivbiosakon.

8. Edo State Local Government: Etsako East

9. Edo Local Government: Etsako West

  • Etsako West Local Government Area is amongst the existing eighteen local governments councils of Edo State.
  •  Headquarter of Etsako west is in the commercial town of Auchi
  • It has a polytechnic and is scattered over hills and valleys.
  • The hilly nature of the terrain makes the weather of Auchi cool most of the year.
  • Auchi is 133 kilometres from Benin City.
  • Cloth weaving is an important occupation of the people who are of Afemais Clan also known as Ivbiosakon.
  • Etsako West districts are Aviele, Awain, Jagbe, South Ibie and Uzairue-Jattu.

10. Igueben

  • lgueben LGA is located in the town of lgueben,
  • Udo Tourist Centre and Amahor Waterside are located there .
  • The people  are of Esan/Ishan Clan.
  • consisting the district of Amahor, Ekpon and Ugun under the administration of the council.

11. Edo Local Government: Ikpoba-Okha

  • lkpoba Okha LGA is located in the town of ldogbo,
  • Benson Idahosa University is located there. The people are of the Benins Clan.
  • Ccomprising the district & villages of Aduwawa, Agedo, Ekiuwa, Evbumufi, Evbuomodu, Ighekpe, Iguehana, Ogbeson, Ohovbe, Otenes Camp, Urora (UHOHO), Ute OKHA, Ologbo, Ajoki Akpes Camp, Avbiama etc.

12. Edo State Local Government: Oredo

  • Oredo LGA functions as one of the 18 LGAs
  • with its headquarters in the town of Benin City,
  • the urbanized LGA consists of Gra, Etete, Ibiwe, Iwegie, Ugbague, Ihogbe, Isekhere, Oreoghene, Ibiwe, Ikpema, Eguadase, New Benin I New Benin Ii Ogbe Ogbelaka etc.

13. Edo Local Government: Orhionmwon

  • Orhionmwon Local Government Area with its headquarters in Abudu town,
  • Abudu, the headquarters of Orhionmwon Local Government Area is about 51 kilometres form Benin City.
  • River Orhionmwon runs through the town.
  • The people are of the Benins Clan.
  • districts comprising of Aibiokunla, Igbanke, Oloten, Ugboko, Ugu and Urho-Nigbe.

14. Edo Local Government: Ovia North-East

15. Edo Local Government: Ovia South-West

  • Ovia South-West Local Government Area is one of the eighteen LGA council
  • Iguobazuwa is the headquarters of  Ovia South West Local Government Area
  •  The people are of Benins Clan.
  • It is about 30 minutes drive from Benin City.
  • Located in the town of Iguoba-Zuwa, Ofunama, Ora, Siluko, Udo, Ugbogue, Umaza and Usen.

16. Edo State Local Government: Owan East

  • Owan East Local Government Area functions as one of the eighteen local government councils in the state
  • Located in Afuze town,
  • Afuze, the headquarters of Owan Local Government Area, is 130 kilometres from Benin City.
  • The Institute of Physical Education is situated there,
  • They are renowned for the production of cocoa, tobacco and cashew
  • District of Owan East consist of towns like Emai, Igue, Ihievbe, Ikao, Ivbi-Mion, Ive-Ada-Obi, Otuo and Uokha.

17. Edo Local Government: Owan West

  • Owan West is one of Edo State’s 18 LGA councils
  • Located in the town of Sabongida Ora
  • Consisting the district of Iuleha, Ora and Ozalla.
  • The people are of Owans/Oras clan {Children of Oba Ozolua}.

18. Edo Local Government: Uhunmwonde

  • This Local Government Area is in the town of Ehor,
  • The first Enogie of Ehor was the son of Oba Olua
  • Uhunmwode LGA districts are Egbede, Ehor, Igieduma, Isi North, Isi South, Uhi, Umagbae North and Umagbae South.


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