How to Cook Groundnut Soup: Peanut soup

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Have you heard of groundnut soup?

Have you tasted groundnut Soup?

This cuisine is very popular amongst the esan tribe and etsako people of Edo state and even the Ghanaians.

This special delicacy (Groundnut Soup) is also called peanut soup.

I know you are craving this soup already, this article will be showing all you need to cook this special Groundnut Soup delicacy.

The major ingredients to prepare groundnut Soup are;

Ingredients for groundnut Soup

Roasted Groundnut (blended)

Meat (beef, goat, ram, bush meat etc)

Fresh Fish

Stock fish

Cray fish

Cow/Goat Tripe (shaki)

Cow/Goat Skin (kpomo)


Palm oil

Blended Pepper ( dry of fresh)


Bitter leaf / pumpkin leaf

Uziza seed (blended along with the roasted groundnut)


Locust beans

Other things needed may include pots, spoon, knife, bowl, water, stove, gas cooker etc

Preparation of Groundnut Soup

In a pot, season your meat with onions, salt and seasoning of your choice.

When the meat becomes tender, add shredded stock fish.

Then add blended pepper (fresh/dry) and allow it to boil. Then taste and add more salt and seasoning if required.

Add a reasonable amount of palm oil and leave to boil for some minutes.

The next step is to add the roasted groundnut (blended) and blended uziza seed to the mixture.

Allow it to boil for 10 minutes. If you noticed that the mixture is watery, simply add more blended groundnut, then add your bitter leaf or pumpkin leaf and allow to cook for 5 minutes under low heat.

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Your groundnut Soup is ready, Check for taste, then serve with any swallow of your choice.





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