Top five best secondary school in Edo states

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We have made a list of the top  five  best secondary school in Edo states and around it. This will help you pick a good school for your child in Edo State. Whether you want a boarding or day school, mixed or single-sex, this list has what you need.

Without further Ado, below is the list of the Top ten best secondary school in Edo states

Lumen Christi International School, Uromi

Top five best secondary school in Edo states

Lumen Christi is a boarding school for boys with hardworking teachers led by Principal Rev. Fr. Dr. Theophilus Itaman. The school has students from all over the country and even from other countries.

Lumen Christi wants to help students grow in every way, not just academically. The school focuses on teaching morals, developing spirituality, and achieving academic success.

Deeperw Life High School, Benin City.

Top five best secondary school in Edo states

Deeper Life High School started in October 2010 with seven schools. Now, it has grown to 22 schools in 22 states all over Nigeria.

The school’s main goal is to help make people in Nigeria smarter and more productive. This idea came from God and was given to Pastor (Dr.) W.F. Kumuyi, who leads the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM).

Nosakhare Model Education Centre, Benin City

Top five best secondary school in Edo states

The academy is special because it combines European and Nigerian styles of education. This means that students from Europe and America can easily continue their studies there, even if they speak a different language.

Divine Wisdom International School

Divine Wisdom International School is a very good school in Benin City, Edo State. It has been around for more than ten years, and many parents and students from different countries come to our boarding school in Benin City so thus get a good education.

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Divine Wisdom International school is like a special place that helps parents find the answer to a common question: Where can I find a school that will help my child reach their full potential? If you want to see your child improve, this could be the right school for them.

Greater Tomorrow Secondary School

Greater Tomorrow is dedicated to helping students become well-rounded, confident, and successful individuals in the future.

The school believes that the knowledge and skills a child imparts at school are transferable into the real world and if we build a generation of disciplined young adults, it would lead to a vibrant society.
The school is located at Reuben Agho Avenue, off Gapiona Road, in the Government Reserved Area(G.R.A), Benin City, Edo State.
with each school mentioned above your child can live his/her DreamsDreams.

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