Top 10 Best Nigerian Foods For 2024

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The top 10 Nigeria food ranked by Edo affairs.

this food are Nigeria base food which are enjoyable to every Nigeria regardless of which region they reside and thus uniting the whole nation.

Top 10 Nigeria foodAfangsoupTop 10 Nigeria food

Afang soup is a traditional soup that originates from the southeastern regions of Nigeria. ( Akwa ibom )

The Efiks, who are from Akwa Ibom and Cross River states, particularly enjoy it and the food is well know for is great test and thus making easy Digestion.

EdikiakongTop 10 Nigeria food


Edikaikong is a popular Nigerian soup that is also know as vegetables soup.

crayfish, fish head stock, palm oil, ugwu leaves, waterleaf, Maggi cube, periwinkles, ofor, and onions are the ingredients need in preparing Edikaikong soup


Ogbono soup

Ogbono soup is a classic Nigeria soup as it is well known across the country and for this ranking number 8 in our list.

the ingredients for cooking ogbono can be found in any Nigeria local markets so free free while trying to prepare this soup and share your thoughts in the comments.



Eba or garri is a popular Nigerian staple food which is Under go the process by mixing cassava flour with boiling water so therefore if one is preparing Eba must wait for the hot water to reach boiling point before use.


Efo-riro is a delicious Nigerian soup that originates from the Yoruba tribe.


The name efo-riro means vegetable soup, and i advised  to serve it with fufu on the side so if you are looking for the meal to easy your stress efo riro is the meal.

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even if you life under the rocks of Nigeria you must have heard and test suya which is among the Nigeria 10 best food.

Believed to have originated among the Hausa people.

Egusi soup

People throughout West and Central Africa, particularly in Nigeria and the Central African Republic, enjoy the flavorful soup or sauce known as Egusi soup.

Banga soup

Banga soup or ofe akwu is a flavorful Nigerian soup made with palm fruit, beef or dried fish, vegetables, and seasonings such as salt and chili pepper.

you can pair the soup with various dishes

Moin moin


Restaurants and home cooks typically serve the dish as an accompaniment to jollof rice, fried plantains, and akamu.

It can also be consume on its own as a snack. Moin moin is a Nigerian dish consisting of ground beans.

10 BEST NIGERIA FOOD jellof rice

Nigeria claims Jollof rice as its national dish, and it originated in Senegambia. People can find variations of this dish in every West African country. To prepare it, cooks cook rice in a flavorful tomato sauce until it absorbs all the flavors.

For this food makes your Dreams come true.

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