Top 10 Best Nigerian Foods For 2024

          The top 10 Nigeria food ranked by Edo affairs. this food are Nigeria base food which are enjoyable to every Nigeria regardless of which region they reside and thus uniting the whole nation. Top 10 Nigeria foodAfangsoup Afang soup is a traditional soup that originates from the southeastern regions of … Read more

Top 5 Local FootBall Academy in Nigeria 2024

The Top five football academies in Nigeria have earned a reputation for nurturing the potential of each player and are widely recognized for their exceptional ability to develop talent. These academies prioritize excellence, attracting players who seek to enhance their skills and take advantage of their esteemed status. Here are the top 5 football academy … Read more

Edo State – History, Geography & Governors Till Date

Edo State, officially known as Edo, lies in the South-South geopolitical zone of the federal republic of Nigeria. According to the 2006 National population census, Nigeria ranked the state as the 24th most populated state, with a population of 3,233,366. Nigeria considers Edo State to be the 22nd largest state by landmass. As of Mon … Read more