Cinemas In Benin City: Filmhouse Cinema Benin, Kada Cinema & Deepend

Filmhouse Benin, Kada Cinema and Deepend Cinema Overview.

Cinema is a theatre where films are shown for public entertainment. There are three places you can see movies right here in Benin City, Edo State. The top three Cinemas in Benin City are Kada Cinema, Filmhouse Cinemas and Deepend Cinemas.

This article covers the Movie Centers In Benin City, their mission, websites, email, address, showtimes, how to book tickets online, prices and many more…

Filmhouse venue
Filmhouse Cinemas

1. Filmhouse Cinemas Benin

Filmhouse Cinemas is a dynamic film exhibition company with a vision to be the number one Cinema brand in Nigeria. The Filmhouse Cinemas Benin is not far from that vision.

Filmhouse Benin is treckable from the University of Benin (UNIBEN) Maingate and it is very close to Precious Palm Royal.

A bus from UNIBEN maingate to Filmhouse Cinemas Benin is just N30. From ring road or New Benin to Filmhouse is N100. It is N50 from nearby places.

Filmhouse Cinemas Benin City aims to lead the market through creating cinematic experiences with innovation and content that continues to entertain.

There are ten (10) Filmhouse Cinemas across six (6) states in Nigeria. Filmhouse cinema Benin is one of them. Other filmhouse house cinemas include:

  • Filmhouse cinemas Surulere,
  • Filmhouse cinemas Kano,
  • Filmhouse cinemas Ibadan
  • Filmhouse Cinemas Samonda
  • Filmhouse Cinema Oniru
  • Filmhouse cinemas Akure,
  • Filmhouse cinemas Porthacourt,
  • Filmhouse cinemas Dugbe and
  • Filmhouse cinema in Ikeja.

According to Filmhouse management, they are currently working on expanding to about twenty-five (25) cinemas so as to serve more people. With this, filmhouse cinemas will come to more states in Nigeria.

How to Buy Movie Ticket A Filmhouse Benin

There are two ways you can buy a ticket to see movie at Filmhouse Cinemas Benin. Either you buy it at the venue or Book ticket online at Filmhouse website.

Buying a ticket at the venue is fast and you don’t need data to do that. However, you need data to visit the filmhouse site and buy a ticket. You can buy more than one ticket and on behalf of your friends and family members.

Your ticket will be checked at the Filmhouse checkpoint and you will be directed to the appropriate screen showing the Movie.

You have an option to buy drinks, pop corn, shawama, water, etc before going inside the cinema hall. They are all sold at the Filmhouse cinemas Benin City. You are not allowed to take in any food or drink bought outside the cinema.

Booking tickets at flimhouse cinemas benin
Booking a ticket at flimhouse Cinemas Benin

There are eateries at Filmhouse cinemas building.

Filmhouse Benin Website

The official Filmhouse Benin website is

When you visit the filmhouse benin website, the first thing you will see is an image slider which gives an overview of the Filmhouse. At the menu, you will see an option to Search movies, ticket prices, Movies and self help.

When you scroll down the website, you will see movies showing today and other days of the week. From each movie, you will see information like:

  • Duration of the movie,
  • Rating of the movie; whether the movie has age restriction (18+),
  • The time of the day the movies will show (some movie show up to six times a day)
  • An option to watch the trailer
  • Whether it is a 2D or 3D Movie
  • Category: Whether the movie is Comedy, Drama, Nollywood, Animation, or Action
  • Description: A little information about what the movie
  • Art or design of the movie.
  • Option to book ticket online.

Filmhouse Cinemas Benin Ticket Prices

  • Kids Blockbuster – ₦1000
  • Mon – Fri (3:00PM TO 4:59PM) – ₦800
  • Mon – Fri (5:00PM TO 10:00PM) – ₦1000
  • Student Public Holiday (All Day) – ₦1000
  • Public Holiday (All Day) – ₦1500
  • Student Sat & Sun (All Day) – ₦800
  • Sat & Sun (All Day) – ₦1000
  • Mon – Fri (10:00AM TO 2:59PM) – ₦600

Note: Hyped Movies are usually N1,500 to N2000

Filmhouse Cinemas Benin Address

The address for Filmhouse Cinemas Benin is Precious Palm Royal Benin City. If you can locate the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, then you are already at Filmhouse Benin.

Cinema Age Policy

  1. Children 2 years old and under = Free if in lap, carrier, or stroller.
  2. A child guest shall be granted admission to a performance with a child ticket for certain performances if he or she is:
    1. Aged 3 – 14 years old = Child Ticket.
    2. Guests who fall into the category of students and children, should be able to produce on request a valid and current form of photographic identification.
  3. 15 years and above = Adult ticket

Benin Filmhouse cinemas viewFilmhouse Cinemas benin

Filmhouse Cinemas Benin Contact (Phone Number And Email)

Do you want to confirm movie time, movie price or any other thing from Filmhouse Benin Cinemas? Call 08123751498, 08084641767 or send a message on Whatsapp to the support team. They are online between 10AM and 8PM daily.

  • For complaints, please email email filmhouse via [email protected]. We will respond as soon as possible.
  • For enquires relating to marketing and reporting any suspicious activity, email [email protected].

Other Information About Filmhouse Cinemas

Number of screens: There are Four (4) screens at filmhouse Benin City. They are usually names; Screen 1, Screen 2, Screen 4 and Screen 4.

Values: Trust, Passion, Ownership and Innovation.

Filmhouse Cinemas Benin Mission: To continue to create magical experiences through content that entertains and inspires.

Filmhouse Cinemas Benin Vision: To lead the market by creating cinematic experiences with innovation and content that continues to entertain.

3D Glasses: Filmhouse 3D glasses are available for 3D movies. But guess what, it’s not free. You need to pay N500 for it.

Outside filmhouse cinema benin city, edo state

Filmhouse Cinemas Benin Online Booking Terms and Condition

You can book tickets online for any movie of your choice online at filmhouse Cinemas benin website. However, there are terms and conditions. The following terms and condition apply to filmhouse cinemas online booking:

  • Filmhouse is not responsible for the loss of tickets. The purchaser/user indemnifies and holds Filmhouse Limited harmless against any loss, injury or damages which may be sustained as a result of using the service or the ticket sold on the Website.
  • It is the purchaser’s duty to ensure that all booking information is correct and all payment information is correct. If booking information is incorrect, Filmhouse Cinemas Benin City is not obliged to rectify any errors.
  • Although every effort is made to ensure that the venues, seating arrangements and events are displayed and described completely and accurately, Filmhouse Limited does not warrant same and disclaim, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability arising from any omissions and inaccuracies pertaining to such display and description. In particular, Filmhouse disclaim any and all warranties as to the occurrence, suitability or quality of the seating arrangements, performances, venues or events and will not be liable for any claims arising in respect thereof, even if Filmhouse Limited has acted in a negligent or grossly negligent manner.
  • All prices indicated with regard to tickets will be exclusive of delivery fees which will be separately charged to you in respect of all deliveries in accordance with the specified rates.
  • You will be required to provide the necessary payment details (such as credit/debit card details) and to authorize payment of the amounts payable for the tickets ordered when submitting your booking request. Such authorization will allow Filmhouse Limited to obtain payment at any time after confirmation of your booking.
  • Please note that no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations of tickets purchased are possible, any refund, cancellation or exchange made will be at the discretion of Filmhouse Limited.
  • Tickets purchased online will be redeemed at Filmhouse Cinema location to which the purchase was intended for. Proof of purchase will be required in order for the ticket to be printed.
  • It is your responsibility to be aware of and to adhere to age restrictions that are applied to films and/or events.
  • Movie tickets are made available subject to the classification of the relevant film given by The National Film and Video Censors Board. Photo identification stating proof of age may be requested for films with age restrictions.
  • Upon receipt of the tickets all risk for loss and damage to the tickets shall pass to you. Tickets that have been stolen, lost or destroyed will not be refunded or replaced for any reason whatsoever.

You may want to continue reading Filmhouse Cinemas Online Booking Terms And Conditions here.

Benin Filmhouse is driven by the need to continue discovering new and innovate ways of creating inspiring experiences, delivering world-class service and bringing the magic of cinema to life. Filmhouse philosophy is defined by simplicity, offering luxury and quality in the most premium and affordable way, primarily to ensure that guests receive absolute value.

2. Kada Cinemas Benin City, Edo State

Kada Cinema location features games arcade, ice cream café, food concession, toys shop, digital cinema, 2D cinema and kid’s club. You can experience cinema with the traditional popcorn and mineral, Ice cream or try a variety of appetizers, classic meals, and delectable desserts.

Kada Cinemas
Kada Cinemas

Schedule of Movies Showing At Kada

Schedule of movies showing at Kada Cinema is called Kada Cinema showtimes. Kada showtime is very unique and interesting. Kada Cinema showtime carries the following information:

  • List of movies
  • the duration of the movie,
  • Rating; whether the movie is for everyone or those above 16 or 18,
  • the time of the day the movies will show
  • An option to watch the trailer
  • Whether it is a 2D or 3D Movie
  • Whether the movie is Comedy, Drama, Nollywood, Animation, or Action
  • Description, A little information about what the movie is all about
  • Art or design of the movie.


Kada cinema showtimes

Kada Cinema Benin City Website

The official website for Kada Cinemas  Benin City, Edo State is

When you visit the Kada Cinemas website, the first thing you will see is a list of images showing latest Movies, description and how long it has been on the Cinemas. At the menu, you will see news, services, about, contact and Movies that are Coming Soon.

When you scroll down the Kada website, you will see movies showing. Click on any movie you want to see more information.

Another cool feature in Kada Cinemas Website is in an option to request a movie.

Kada Cinemas Address

Kada Cinemas is not far from Ring Road…

DeepEnd Cinemas

Deepend is An Entertainment Company known for its verse work which includes Cinemas, Funhouse,  and Christy’s Eatery.

You can see a whole lot of hot movies at Deepend Cinemas. All you need to do is visit deepend cinemas official website for their showtimes. You can also boot tickets right at the venue. You will see the Deepend Cinemas website and address as you continue reading.

At Deepend Cinemas Funhouse, 9D, O7D, 5D games available for play, feel the sweetness of virtual reality and have the greatness of real sensation.

Games play an important role in maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul. Games give us a lot of exercises in forming our body as well as the mind. If you love virtual reality then Deepend Cinemas is a place you certainly want to be.

deependent cinemas funhouse

Christy’s Eatery: This is an eatery at Deepend Cinemas. There is a whole lot of healthy food you can get at Christy’s Eatery.

Lastly, you can club at Deepend Cinemas. Club Atlanta is a massive space with an indoor pool located right at Deepend Cinemas where you can party all night.

Club Atlanta is indeed a high energy party in an upscale environment with some of the biggest DJs in the business, VIP rooms and tables are in high demand and worth every penny since the dance floor gets crowded quickly, relatively plain indoor dance floor plus an upper outdoor with spectacular views across Benin city.

Deepend Cinemas Website

The official website of Deepend Cinemas is

Deepend Cinemas Address

10, Nosayaba Street, Off T.V Road, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

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