Top 5 Best Private Hospitals in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria (2024)

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Nigeria’s healthcare system is a mix of public and private hospitals or facilities, but the quality of healthcare can vary significantly across different regions and facilities. Major cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Benin City tend to have better hospitals or healthcare facilities compared to rural areas in Nigeria.

Do you live in Benin City or new in Benin City? Have you ever required the services of a hospital? Or had to refer a friend, relative, colleague to a hospital in Benin City, and has contemplated the best hospital to choose? Then you are in the right place because the purpose of this article is to help you with the Top 5 Best Private Hospitals in Benin City to choose from.

According to an online publication by Daily Trust e-Paper, the public hospitals owned by Nigerian Government are rapidly failing in rendering best practice healthcare services that meet the healthcare needs of the citizens. The more reason why many people prefer private hospitals. Even with the poor status of healthcare in the country, some private hospitals in Benin City still offers quality healthcare services to their customers and patients. Continue reading to know these Top 5 Best Private Hospital in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Top 5 Best Private Hospitals in Benin City

Not all private hospitals indeed meet the highest quality health standards. However, here are some Private Hospitals in Benin City that you can depend on to provide the best medical care. After reading this article, you will be able to know these best private hospitals, their location in Benin City, working hours, services they render, and other details.

Below is the list of the top 5 best private hospitals in Benin City.

  1. Benin Medical Care
  2. Lily Hospitals, Benin City
  3. Faith Mediplex Hospital
  4. Irowa Medical Centre
  5. Modic Medical Centre


Benin Medical Care, popularly called BMC, stands out as a modern private hospital and healthcare facility inaugurated on the 1st day of November, 2019. Despite its recent establishment in Benin City, the hospital has rapidly gained prominence in Edo State due to its reputation for top-tier medical and healthcare services.

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Situated at 53, Adesuwa Road, Off Sapele Road, GRA, Benin City, this private hospital occupies a vast area of land and boasts contemporary architectural designs. It houses state-of-the-art medical equipment like the latest MRI and CT Scan Machines. The hospital provides an environment that is both comfortable and accommodating. The hospital takes pride in its esteemed team of highly skilled doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who are adept at addressing a wide range of medical conditions.

BMC’s adept management team, dedicated and courteous staff contribute to its reputation for professionalism and amiability. The hospital’s vision is to be the first choice provider of excellent medical services. This they intend to achieve by their unwavering commitment in addressing the healthcare challenges of Nigerians through cutting-edge technology and patient-centric approaches.

With an extensive array of specialized medical services, the hospital offers a 24-hour ambulance and emergency services along with various specialist consultations, and services like Eye Clinic, Health Assessment Clinic, Dialysis Service, Maternal and Child Health, Tele-medicine, and many more. Indeed, Benin Medical Care stands as a premier healthcare institution renowned for its global standard of medical excellence. Little wonder its taking the first place amongst the top 5 best private hospitals in Benin City, Nigeria.


A privately owned hospital is situated at 17, Boundary Road, Off Airport Road, Benin City. This establishment is an affiliate and extension of Lily Hospitals Warri, Delta State.

Lily Hospital Benin City offers 24hours services, and takes pride in housing a team of highly qualified physicians and nurses who are adept at addressing a wide spectrum of health conditions. The hospital’s personnel maintain an approachable demeanor, while they keep the recovery rooms in a pristine and well-furnished manner.The in-house medical practitioners possess the necessary expertise to manage various ailments and delicate medical scenarios.

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Numerous inhabitants of Edo State who are in search of top-notch healthcare consistently opt for Lily Hospital, a decision that mostly leaves them satisfied. It is worth noting that while the hospital’s services command a premium, the quality of treatment offered justifies the expense. The hospital routinely handles diverse cases such as childbirth, surgical interventions of all types, and general medical conditions.

The hospital has modern facilities and advanced equipment to make treatment effective and stress free. Their website is equipped to answer any question a person might have, and they also maintain a good online presence. Patients can also make arrangement for healthcare appointments and treatment using the website.


The Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa founded Faith Mediplex Hospital in Benin City, which is regarded as an impactful legacy in the healthcare sector with a core mission to combine prayer with medicine to heal the whole person – spirit, mind, and body.

This hospital is a versatile medical center that provides healthcare across various specialized fields, including neurology, dermatology, gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, dentistry, general surgery, and more. Faith Mediplex is located at 1, Giwa-Amu, Off Airport Road, Benin City, Edo State. Its popularity stems from not only its array of specialists but also its convenient location right along the road, ensuring easy accessibility.

Also, the hospital’s diverse range of specialties contributes to its high demand among local residents in Benin City. Its excellence in handling fertility cases and a wide spectrum of general surgeries qualifies it to be listed among the top 5 best private hospitals in Benin City.


Established under the leadership of the CEO and Consultant Obstetrician/Gynecologist Dr. Osamwonyi Irowa, this hospital is located at 2, Oliha Lane, Off Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo State. With a decade of history, it’s a prominent institution in Benin City, revered for its comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Esteemed for diverse healthcare expertise, the hospital’s skilled team of doctors, nurses, and matrons collaboratively ensures patient well-being. The hospital prides itself on its capacity to address a wide range of medical needs and is well-equipped to meet the requirements of all patients.

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Irowa Specialist Hospital, as popularly called, specializes in treating complex cases that demand specialized attention. The hospital excels in managing emergencies, with a dedicated healthcare team available around the clock to address any medical situation.

The hospital’s premier reputation in Benin City reflects its unwavering commitment to successful patient treatment over time, solidifying its status.


In Benin City, this renowned hospital, a franchise of AVON Healthcare, is celebrated for its exceptional healthcare services. Modic Medical Centre, positioned at 6, Akenzua Street, Ogogugbo, Benin City, is highly regarded for its outstanding child healthcare services. It features a team of exemplary Pediatricians who excel in diagnosing and treating various health conditions in children. This is owing to the fact there is always a Consultant Pediatrician on ground to attend to children, including neonates.

Modic Medical Centre extends its expertise to a range of medical concerns, including general surgeries, accident-related injuries, and maternity deliveries. This hospital has maintained an established presence over time, consistently meeting the healthcare needs of the people of Edo State. They have forged partnerships with some of the most skilled doctors in Benin City, which has contributed to their reputation.

If you have any need for a medical checkup or has to refer someone? You can visit or refer them to any of the top 5 best private hospitals listed above. These hospitals are sure to provide the best medical service in Benin City, Edo Sate, Nigeria. Therefore take advantage of this information today and get yourself the best health care near you.

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