Top Ten shopping Mall In Edo State For 2024

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Top ten shopping mall In Edo state

1. Market square

Market square  is one of the Top ten shopping mall In Edo state located on Benin Sapele Rd, Oka 300104, Benin City, Edo. It offers an easily accessible option for your grocery shopping in Benin.

Their shelves are nicely arranged and their staff is efficient. They are also known for having the best bread in town, although you might have to queue for it.

2. Phil HallMark Supermarket,

Top ten shopping mall In Edo state

Phil HallMark Supermarket, It is located at 107 Benin Sapele Rd, Oka 300102, Benin City, Edo. Customers find it to be a nice place for shopping, as it serves as a complete one-stop shopping mall. Additionally, some of the staff members are highly helpful and dedicated.

3. Shopempire Nigeria

Shopempire Nigeria, located at Oba Market Road, the market is currently in dire need of renovation, and the adjacent road also requires attention. It is essential for the government of the state to renovate the market.

4. June 12 Shopping Complex

June 12 Shopping Complex

TheJune 12 Shopping Complex in Uselu, Benin City, Edo It used to be the students’ center, but now it is essentially another shopping complex at the University of Benin.

5. Basement Shopping Complex,

Basement Shopping Complex,

Basement Shopping Complex, located on Uniben Road in Uselu, Benin City, Edo. The complex offers a range of amenities, including a canteen, three lecture rooms with large seating capacities, and an event center. The main building houses a shopping complex, while a mini restaurant and a photocopy center are located at the front.

6. Balogun Shopping Plaza

Balogun Shopping Plaza It is located at 46a New Lagos Rd, Use 300102, Benin City, Edo. Visitors can find a wide variety of items here, including fabrics, electronics, second-grade clothing, apparel, footwear, and even food items.

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7. Water Resources Shopping Complex

The Water Resources Shopping Complex is located at 51 Adesuwa Rd, Oka 300102, Benin City. The parking space at the complex is small and crowded, with many touts present. It is situated too close to the junction, resulting in a high risk of car collisions for inexperienced drivers.

8. Maingate Shopping Complex

The Maingate Shopping Complex at Uniben has not seen significant changes, with only a few shops being added and some of the old ones being painted to enhance the ambiance.

Located at Uselu 300103, Benin City, Edo, Flowell Plaza stands along the Benin-Lagos expressway, specifically by the Adolor college road junction. One of its notable establishments is the renowned Azagba home of phones and accessories.

9. Mega mall

Mega mall. The place is incredibly nice, clean, and spacious. It offers a wide variety of foods and goods. Their services are affordable, friendly, and provide delicious options. We highly recommend this place for outings and hosting events such as meetings and birthday parties. It can accommodate a large number of guests and ensures a fantastic experience for everyone.

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