Veritas University Official Dress Code 2023

Veritas University, Abuja has a very strict dress code policy for students in line with its rules and regulations and the university is operated under a christian worldview. Veritas University has a very strict dress policy for students and it is usually expected of all students to comply accordingly.

Since its creation, there have been laid out Covenant University Dress Code that most people do not usually know of and end up getting into trouble when the get into the school. Below is the dress code for both male and female students

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Veritas University Official Dress Code for Male and Female Students

Students may dress casually, comfortably, and should be modest attire. Students should keep in mind that they are enrolled in a Christian institution and that they are preparing for ministry. In accordance with health and safety requirements, clothes (e.g., shoes and shirt) must be worn in all areas of the building.

Specifically, the dress code forbids indecent dressing such as:

1. Short, bareback and clinging dress

2. Shorts and three-quarter trousers (except for sporting purpose)

3. Tattered jeans and those with holes

4. Transparent dresses

5. Tight-fitting dresses e.g. jeans and skirts that reveal body curves; this is also applicable to locally sewn dresses such as skirts and blouses

6. Wearing only under clothing such as singlet in public places

7. Wearing “Swagger” and/or Sagging trousers

8. Dresses, such as skirts, which have long slits that reveal sensitive body parts

9. Dresses and vests with obscene and indecent inscriptions and/or pictures

10. Dress without buttons, or not properly buttoned, revealing a bare chest

11. Wearing jackboots, bathroom slippers, and any other shoes with indecent inscription

12. Sunglasses in lecture rooms and theaters except on medical grounds

13. Plaiting/weaving, perming of hair, and use of earrings and chains and bracelets by male students.

14. Use of military and para-military camouflage by students on campus

15. Any other dressing that contravenes, decency, decorum, and good taste of the community.

Students should note that these prohibitions apply everywhere on the campuses. In addition, students are bound by the specific dress code of their Faculties, Departments or Professional callings.

Offenders will be Sanctioned as Appropriate.


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